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Making money work for you
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What Paymaster Personal

can do for you?

You can use your Paymaster Personal account to manage and use almost any tradeable currency.
So, whether you’re looking to smooth the way when you’re travelling – or you just want to tap into the convenience of cheap and fast cross-border transfers – a Paymaster account can help.
Almost any tradeable currency
Instantly convert money with great exchange rates

Making money work

for you

Your Paymaster Personal account lets you transfer money to any person, business or government organisation – in almost any country.

Instantly convert money with great exchange rates

Wire-transfer funds to other accounts

Load currencies onto VISA and MasterCard


Wire-transfer funds from other accounts to

your Paymaster account

Accept funds from VISA and MasterCard – into

your Paymaster account

Use a Paymaster debit card to make payments

Use a Paymaster VISA or MasterCard at ATMs and

retailers… across the world or online

Set up different debit cards for different

retailers or online retailers – to help protect

your money from fraudsters

Taste the Freedom
Enter the world of fast, secure and cheap cross-border payments
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