Paymaster a.s.

Amendments to Paymaster a.s. General Terms and Conditions

Please, be advised that as from 22 December 2019 shall enter into effect the amendments to Paymaster a.s. General Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). Amendments shall apply to both private individuals and legal entities. The Terms have been changed to make the provisions more accurate and comprehensible and to secure compliance of Paymaster a.s. operations with regulatory enactments and other binding laws.

If you disagree with the amendments made by Paymaster a.s. to the Terms, you are entitled before the effective date of the amendments to unilaterally terminate these Terms free of charge and with immediate effect subject to written notice to Paymaster a.s. Unless we receive such written notice before 22 December 2019 we will consider that you have consented to the amendments of the Terms.

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